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Our  Practices Services

Our doctors provide regular care for nursing home patients, and after hours visits can be arranged by ringing the practice for the number of the doctor on call.  Home visits are available for regular patients of the practice.

General Practice

  • General health assistance
  • Family and preventative medicine
  • ATSI health checks
  • Immunisations and check ups
  • Women’s, men’s, adolescent’s, children’s, & baby healthcare
  • Sexual health; including family planning, contraception and antenatal care
  • Health advice for overseas travel
  • Health assessments for 45-49 year olds
  • Health assessments for over 75 year olds
  • Minor surgical procedures and cryotherapy
  • Palliative care
  • Asthma & respiratory health care
  • Chronic disease management & care
  • Pap smears and pregnancy tests
  • Heart checks and ECG’s
  • Weight Management
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Counselling
  • Sports medicine
  • Skin checks
  • Medical examinations for:
    • Licences
    • Insurance
    • Pre-employment
    • Workers compensation

Practice Nurse

Practice Nurse
Practices Nurses are vital part of our patient's ongoing health management.  They work in tandem with your doctor to provide a holistic approach to your ongoing healthcare.  

An appointment can be made with our Practice nurse for the following areas of patient care:  

  • First aid and emergency management
  • Wound management
  • Injections and other vaccination requirements
  • Preventive health checks including cervical screening (PAPs) and immunisations.
  • Diagnostic services including ECGs, INRs, stress tests, urine drug screening, hearing tests, peak flow, and spirometry
  • Coordination of patient health assessments
  • Planning and coordinating care including routine monitoring and follow up of patients with care plans
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